Giuseppe Fanelli

October 13, 1827 - January 5, 1877


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Giuseppe Fanelli (13 October 1827 - 5 January 1877) was a nineteenth-century Italian revolutionary anarchist, best known for his tour of Spain 1868, introducing the anarchist ideas of Mikhail Bakunin.

Life and revolutionary career

Fanelli was born in Naples, Italy on 13 October 1827. At the age of 18, he enrolled in Giovine Italia, a political movement with the goal to create a united Italian republic.

He was active in the revolutionary enterprises in Lombardy and Rome in 1848 - 1849.  He went on to fight alongside Garibaldi and the Thousand in Sicily in 1860; he also fought in the Polishuprising in 1863.He was elected to Italian Parliament in November 1865 and fought against the Austrians in 1866.

Fanelli met Bakunin at Ischia in 1866.In October 1868 Bakunin sponsored Fanelli to travel to Barcelona to share his libertarian visions and recruit revolutionists to the International Workingmen's Association. Fanelli's trip and the meeting he organised during his travels provided the catalyst for the Spanish exiles, the largest workers' and peasants' movement in modern Spain and the largest Anarchist movement in modern Europe.

Fanelli's tour took him first to Barcelona, where he met and stayed with Elisee Reclus.  Reclus and Fanelli were at odds over Reclus's friendships with Spanish republicans, and Fanelli soon left Barcelona for Madrid.Fanelli stayed in Madrid until the end of January 1869, conducting meetings to introduce Spanish workers, including Anselmo Lorenzo, to the First National.In February 1869 Fanelli left Madrid, journeying home via Barcelona.While in Barcelona again, he met with painter Josep Lluís Pellicer and his cousin, Rafael Farga Pellicer along with others who were to play an important role establishing the International in Barcelona,as well as the Alliance section.


Fanelli died of tuberculosis in Naples in 1877.




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