Welcome to our second Legends of Anarchism website!

Legends of Anarchism 2 is a continuation of the original Legends of Anarchism.  This website provides information on the lesser-known individuals who made notable contributions to anarchism.  As with the original website, we attempt to provide you the anarchist's life history, philosophies, quotes and the names of the books he or she wrote.  In cases where documented information is scarce, we provide you with what little documented information is available.

Money and the power it imbues atrophies the living daemon in all who are subjected to capitalist games. It is a manipulator of perception, a truth twister, a divider of people. All who wade into the capitalist pool will be permeated with “money values”, and those who stay too long in the tides become part of the tide itself. Consumed in the endless blinkered waters.

-- Jason Holland, Mark of the Beast $$$


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